Virtual Retreats and Events

More events and presentations are being filmed and shared online during this time we are physically apart.
Here is a space on our website where you can view the videos and still be connected with the Manresa community virtually.

Unless otherwise stated, there is no cost for viewing the videos.
If you would like to make a donation you can visit

Please visit and share the YouTube channel with those who would be interested in these presentations.

On March 19-21, 2021 Fr John Sullivan S.J. from Our Lady of Lourdes presented “Rooted and Grounded in Love”
(6 videos)

On February 13, 2021 Fr Henk van Meijel S.J. presented “Knowing Myself as a Child of God” (2 videos)

In January 2021 Fr Michael Coutts S.J. presented “Gone Fishing – Ice Fishing” (4 videos)

In October, 2020, Fr Henk van Meijel S.J. presented four talks entitled “Understanding and Praying with the Mystics”. Here are the links to those talks. (4 videos)

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