Your health and safety are of the upmost importance to us.  The following are new procedures we have implemented to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Registration Table


  • As of September 22, 2021, we must request all those who visit Manresa for a retreat be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination OR documentation of a medical exemption provided by either a physician or nurse practitioner must be shown on arrival.
  • Masks/face coverings are mandatory at all times when inside our buildings. Retreatants must bring their own.  Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout Fleming Hall and the Manor House/Dining Room.  Everyone is to ensure physical distance of 6 ft. wherever possible.
  • Retreatant attendance will now be limited to a maximum of 40 people. This is to ensure safe social distancing in our meeting spaces, chapel and dining room.


  • Retreatants on arrival are asked to check in at the registration desk in the lobby.  Please stand in front of plexiglass to speak to Captain.   If there is someone there, please line up at markings on floor to ensure 6 ft distancing
  • Please take all belongings to your room.  Coats, boots/shoes are no longer to be left in the cloak room.
  • Everyone will have a room with a sink/toilet or a room with an assigned toilet in the public washroom for their private use in that wing.  We ask retreatants to only use their personal washroom.
  • A schedule will be posted by each public washroom for use of showers.  Retreatants will be asked to sign in for a set time for use.  The usual towels and soap will be provided in your individual room as well as your own shower mat.  This mat is for you only for the retreat, please take back to your room.
  • Use of the kitchenette in Fleming Hall is limited to one person at a time for coffee/tea.  There is a hand sanitizer here for everyone to use before use of the machine.  There will no longer be reusable coffee mugs, disposable cups will be available.  You are welcome to bring your own tumbler. 
  • Prayer, Eucharist as well as most talks will take place in the Chapel to maintain social distancing.  We ask retreatants when taking a seat in the Chapel or conference room that this remains your seat throughout the retreat.
  • The bookstore will be open.  Time to be posted.  The tuck shop will NOT be offered. If you want or require a snack, you are welcome to bring with you.
  • We prefer, when possible, smoking is outside.  If due to inclement weather the smoking room is available.  It is located in the west wing accessed by using the stairwell between floors 1 & 2.  This room has a limit of max. 4 people.
  • Payment of your offering will be on Saturday, time posted on your envelope at the registration desk.  We accept cash and cheques (to be placed in your envelope and deposited in box).  Debit, VISA and Mastercard accepted.
  • Upon departure, please ensure you have all personal items.  Please strip your bed and put sheets in pillowcase.  Leave in your room.  Towels leave on rack.
Dining Room

MANOR HOUSE (Dining Room & accommodation)

  • ENTER from parking lot, up stairs to lobby and into dining room area.
  • Please ensure you have your mask/face covering on upon entering the Manor House.  You will keep it on whenever you are not at your seat.  Please take your coat with you into the dining room and place on back of your chair.
  • There is only one public washroom near the dining room.  If at possible, please use for emergencies only. 
  • Please sanitize your hands before you enter the dining room.  A dispenser is available by the door.
  • On arrival, please take a seat at one of the tables.  This seat will be your seat throughout the retreat.  Tables have been spaced 6 ft apart and plexiglass is at each table separating you from other retreatants to keep you safe.
  • You will be instructed how to proceed once seated.  A line up of only 4 at a time, as per markings on floor against the wall.  Proceed accordingly to have meal served to you by our kitchen staff. 
  • Please EXIT through side screen door of dining room


  • Upon entering the Chapel, take a seat, this will be your seat throughout the retreat.  Please have your mask/face covering on at all times.
  • The presider will bring the Eucharist to all in attendance and drop the host in the hands of the person receiving.


  • We will be sanitizing all surfaces in public spaces.  There will be sanitizer and paper towel available in the kitchenette for your use
  • Employees will be provided with PPE, such as masks/face coverings, gloves etc. 
  • Kitchen Staff have been trained on Safe Food Handling and taking all precautions.
  • Meals will no longer be served ‘buffet style’.  You will be served your meal by our kitchen staff, ‘cafeteria style’ with staff behind a plexiglass screen.
  • Our dining room tables have been spaced out to maintain physical distancing as well as plexiglass barriers placed on each table.
  • We no longer ask that retreatants make their bed upon leaving.  Extra sheets have been removed from each room.
  • We will NOT be using our cloak room areas for coats and boots.  Hangars have been removed.  We ask you keep these items in your room and take them with you into the dining room.
  • Reusable mugs, hand towel and dishcloths have been removed from the kitchenette.     

We want you to have a safe environment so you can relax and enjoy your retreat.

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