Retreat Policy

Manresa’s Registration Policy

Manresa has been fortunate to have retreatants that have made a commitment to our retreat centre and our retreats. Many have been coming for a particular weekend at the same time every year and have been doing so anywhere from the past few years to over 40! They look forward to spending time with their regular community of retreatants and having a different Retreat Director guiding them each time. To honour this loyalty and regularity, we hold their spots. Our Captains, a dedicated group of volunteers, each year contact those from the previous year’s retreat to ask them if they are able to return again the following year. This is the practice at most Jesuit retreat centres. This is done 6 – 8 weeks in advance of a retreat weekend. Once this is complete, the office then knows how many are confirmed and how many we can then open up to newcomers or those who did not attend that particular weekend the prior year. Those who do not stick to the same weekend, but move around, try different retreats or choose their retreats based on the Director giving the retreat may not always get the weekend they request. If this is the case, we encourage you to try another weekend in which there may be availability.

To allow some new retreatants on each retreat, the office will take the first 10 on a first come/first serve basis. This number is what we estimate, on any given retreat, may drop off due to family commitments, illness etc. After these spots have been filled, a waiting list is implemented. You may place your name on only one weekend’s waiting list per retreat season. Retreatants will be notified if a spot becomes available. **Please note there are some retreats that all registration is done by the Captain, the Captain confirms the spot and keeps track of their waiting list. For these retreats, the office will advise you to contact the Captain directly.

We appreciate your understanding in this policy; it is simply to be fair to all.

Manresa’s No-Show Policy

As some of you may see when here, often you are told a retreat is ‘full’ and yet come for the weekend and see rooms are empty. On any given retreat we often have a few ‘no shows’. These are retreatants who have registered and confirmed their intent to come, yet do not show up or call. We ask all to please notify the office or Captain if they need to cancel. It is appreciated if we can know as soon as possible; this way anyone on the waiting list for a retreat can be given the opportunity to come. When someone has been a no show without explanation on their last retreat, for future registration they will be placed on a waiting list. In the week prior to the retreat requested, if there is still space available, we will confirm a spot for them at that time.

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