Individual Retreats

Manresa also welcomes individual retreatants, aside from those who attend our many preached retreats. 

Individual retreatants may come to Manresa for a 1 to 5 day stay in order to rest a while in God, away from their daily activities. It can be in the form of a directed or undirected retreat.  Individual retreats are available Monday to Friday depending on availability of a private room and Director, if one is requested. 

Directed:  This would be an individually tailored retreat according to what the retreatant desires. It might be that a retreatant likes to address a certain issue in their life, for example, to discern a job offer, or some other major decision along their life journey. Other retreatants just desire to deepen their relationship with God with the help of Scripture and spiritual guidance.

Undirected: This would be when a person just needs time to themselves to rejuvenate or to refocus. Such a retreatant can ask for a spiritual direction session if desired. 

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