Faith, Science and Beauty in the Stars

MEN & WOMEN IGNATIAN – From the opening of Genesis to the encyclical Laudatory Si', our belief in a Creator has meant that we believe God "reveals Himself in the things He has made" (to quote St. Paul). By looking at beauty in both nature and in the science that lets us understand nature, what...

$270.00 Suggested Offering

Spirituality of the 12 Step for MEN

MEN 12 STEP (Midweek) - Come and join us for a journey that will take you through the 12 Steps of recovery (AA) allowing you to strengthen a deeper spirituality within yourself. This retreat tends to be ecumenical with many non-Catholics in attendance. This is truly a spiritual approach for everyone. Facilitated by Nada Conic...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

The Infancy Narrative of Matthew’s Gospel

MEN IGNATIAN: This coming Advent, the Church asks us to lift up our eyes toward the ends of the earth and to embrace the universalism that Matthew’s Gospel subtly introduces in his genealogy. Matthew's story of Jesus’ origins is told from Joseph’s point of view, while the more familiar infancy account from Luke is told...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

“Walking with Jesus”

MEN IGNATIAN – As the apostles and disciples walked with Jesus, heard him preach, saw what he did in helping people, and what He was willing to do for humanity - for you and me, this retreat will be looking at and walking with Jesus in prayer. For it is in prayerful silence, that we...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

“On the Road to Union with God.”

MEN IGNATIAN - Generally, there are three broad recognizable stages as we grow closer to God: the Purgative stage, the Illuminative stage, and the Unitive stage. We will explore this journey with the help of the life of the saint who were persons like you and me who had to get in touch with their...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

“Wholeness and Holiness.”

MEN IGNATIAN – As faithful, we are aware of the universal call to holiness. All Christians in any state or walk of life, are called to holiness. On this retreat we consider our own wholeness as we approach this call. Am I complete and harmonious within myself? or am I somehow divided or lacking or...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

“Walking With the Disciples On the Road to Emmaus”

MEN & WOMEN IGNATIAN – The Easter season is a time of experiencing the risen Christ. But as we know from life’s experiences it is not easy to experience joy immediately after disappointment, such as from the loss and death of loved ones. It takes time, loving wisdom, and a depth of imagination to begin...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

“Encounters with the Risen Lord.”

MEN IGNATIAN – How do we experience the Risen Lord in our daily lives? There is no better place to encounter theRisen Lord than in the Resurrection narratives of the four Gospels. How can we to know Jesus in the everyday of history (Mark)? How can we live the Christian life within the community of...

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Appreciation of the Ignatian Charism of Discernment

"Both Adolfo Nicholas, former Superior General of the Society of Jesus, and Pope Francis, seek to foster a church community of greater wisdom and depth that is more integrated and prayerfully mindful of the issues of today’s contemporary world. This day of reflection will focus upon how we can respond to our world today in a more Christ-like way through the Ignatian charism of wisdom and depth as intuited by these two well-respected contemporary Jesuits."

$65.00 Suggested Offering

“In the Hands of God.”

MEN & WOMEN IGNATIAN – “More than ever, I find myself in the hands of God. This is what I have wanted all my life from my youth. But now there is a difference; the initiative is entirely with God. It is indeed a profound spiritual experience to know and feel myself so totally in...

$245.00 Suggested Offering

Five-Day Theme Retreat

MEN & WOMEN Seeking Spiritual Healing, the Ignatian Way “This retreat is loosely based on the Four Weeks of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. We move from looking at our sinful world to journeying with Jesus through the cross, finding renewed life in our journey as we look forward at our own life journey with the...

$600.00 Suggested Offering
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